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About Pure One® and Ingredients

Buy Pure One Next Gen Plant Based Omega - 3 and DHA


Pure One 350 Softgels and DHAlicious liquid are labeled for adults and children and for use in the the OMEGA-3 DHA THERAPY (700 mg to 1400 mg per day)

BABY DHA DHAlicious liquid is labeled for newborns to 2 years old, in addition offers a childproof cap with a graduated dropper for accurate doses per day (180 mg to 360 mg per day).



100% Plant-Based, uses National Organic Program Compliant Ingredients

BABY DHA DHAlicious oil for newborns and infants.


Source-Omega asserts they commercialize and sell the purest ingredient Chromista oil because theirs is water extracted, processed without the use of hexanes or alcohol. They explain water extraction is a physical process that isolates oils without solvents and free of cellular contaminants, producing the purest naturally processed Chromista oil containing up to 99% DHA-triglycerides.

INGREDIENTS: Chromista Oil (algae oil; non-solvent extracted, green tea antioxidant), Organic Vegetable Oil Blend (organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic canola oil, organic palm fruit oil), Natural and Organic Flavors.

FREE OF: animal products, fish, soy, sunflower, wheat, gluten, dairy, yeast, fragrance, hexane, solvents, chemical additives, synthetic preservatives, silicone, added colors and artificial flavors.

PURE ONE SUPPLEMENT FACTS: one liquid oil serving size is suggested at 2 mL per day from a 60 mL volume per bottle for a 1 month supply.

Each 2 gram serving contains

720 mg DHA (n-3), 15 mg EPA (n-3) and more than 20 mg of other omega-3 (n-3) fatty acids, 

also 140 mg DPA (n-6), 18 mg DH-GLA (n-6) and more than 20 mg of other omega-6 (n-6) fatty acids.

The omega-3 to omega-6 ratio is 4 to 1 (755 mg n-3 to 178 mg n-6).

Consumers are recommended to take between 1.25 mL (1/4 teaspoon) and 5 mL (1 teaspoon) per day.

Appearance and Documented Guarantees:

  • Clear golden oil. Regularly saturated fats can be seen based on temperature. These are some of the normal properties of the oil.

  • There is guaranteed no non-oil algae material in the oil.

  • NonGMO [1] 

  • The pure, nutrient rich, cGMP certified product is safe for any age, for pregnant mothers, for nursing mothers, for adults and children, for those on medications and for individuals allergic to fish and soy.

  • Molecular Analysis Documentation is filed with Source-Omega, LLC.

  • 2 year stability tested, fully documented and affirmed. Store at room temperature.