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The Purest on the Planet - Pure One
BABY DHA for newborns to 2 years old

How Pure One® Delivers Omega 3 Benefits

Omega-3 CapsulesPure One Delivers on the Promise of Better Health with 

Golden Algae Oil, the Right Choice for:


  • Immediate absorbtion by the body*
  • More effective DHA and EPA levels for lowering triglycerides*
  • A product scientifically proven to rival fish oil with more DHA per dose* 


Although the omega-3 benefits begin immediately, and may be felt after 1 week, Pure One™ should be taken for at least 3 months to show the full results of increased Omega-3 Index and DHA status.  Pure One is expected to help with lowering triglyceride levels, improving cardiovascular health, and improving neuronal membrane function.  

Pure One™ is used to help improve your health with scientifically recommended dosages that are based on clinical studies and FDA guidance regarding the benefits of Omega-3s for obtaining definable results. 

Our Report

Omega-3 benefits from microalgae oil (algae oil) are for adults, children (4+ years), and the elderly.  Our golden algae oil source is from a pure culture, without exposure to marine organisms or environments.  Grown pure so that contaminants don't enter the algae oil at any point, our product has low risk, will not contribute to any toxic build-ups, especially in the very young and elderly.  Every component in the oil is known, published, non-toxic and commonly consumed from other foods.  Our oil is "Organic Compatible" as a food additive, Infant Formula Grade, Clinical Grade, GRAS-safe and GMP compliant.  The omega-3 benefits of fish oil may be lessened as it is heavily cooked, causing oxidation and rancid fish odor and taste.  Our oil is the cleanest, freshest and most gentle on your system without anything fishy.  Unlike flax and fish, microalgae oil's omega-3 benefits are ideal and the oil does not need conversion to DHA to be used by the body. A metabolic burden of flax and fish that requires higher doses of these products to get the DHA amounts needed by cells and tissues.   

We recently published on findings that a new potent algae oil extract matches your body's direct metabolic needs for ratio and dose of omega-3, with metabolically much better ratios than fish oil. Plus unlike fish oil, algae oil is a fresh extract.  We now claim our efforts are naturally improving upon fish oil by going to the omega-3 source, algae, the ultimate origin of where the fish oil omega-3s and omega-3 benefits come from in the first place, from the source of the food chain.  See the Ice-Algae studies and scientific reports.  It is clear why only cold water fish have high omega-3s and omega-3 benefits. It comes from their food.