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DHA Omega-3 Algae Oil Is Where Purity Meets Potency

Flax is downgraded as an omega-3 precursor.  The oil is mostly NOT converted by the body to EPA or DHA OMEGA-3s.  Although other benefits from flax cannot be ignored, broad ALA omega-3 benefits have been previously overstated.  Flax lacks potency. 

by Scott Doughman, Ph.D.   

You need DHA for potency! The next generation plant based Omega-3s have DHA and EPA in just the right amounts. Most articles fail to include the actual source of fish oil DHA/EPA Omega-3s.  These actually come from the food chain, starting out as golden microalgae oil.

The three main Omega-3 fatty acids present on the market consist of marine sourced DHA and EPA Omega-3s and the seed sourced ALA omega-3 precursor. Golden microalgae oil is also a marine based, plant based DHA and EPA source.

Algae oil is grown not killed. In fact, algae culture is so pure and sustainably abundant of a resource for DHA Omega-3s in nature that now we can literally grow it in enclosed certified tanks for huge volumes of this beautiful golden oil as a source of essential nutrition. Since the oil is a suitable medical fish oil replacement this means globalization will help protect our planet’s natural resources. 

Why does flax lack potency? Much attention recently has been given to the conversion of ALA to EPA.  Only 7 to 15 percent of ALA is reportedly converted to EPA in humans and only between 0.1 and 1 percent of ALA is converted to DHA.  Some report that gender is important too, with pre-menopausal women reportedly converting ALA to EPA at a 2.5-fold greater rate than healthy men.  Still, the amount of flax oil needed to be heart and brain beneficial is prohibitively high, 10 to 30 grams daily flax oil is required versus just 1 gram of algae oil as a daily dose.  

Algae oil also is a better DHA source since it boasts a healthy 250% more DHA per gram than fish oil. It’s a better way of getting DHA than having it pass through a fish, all the while picking up fishy tastes, odors and pollution along the way. 

Switch to the next generation plant based omega-3 for both DHA and EPA in just the right amounts. Experience for yourself the marriage of purity and potency.