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A Smarter Omega-3 for Kids and Adults

It's a Better Omega-3 for Kids and Adults Because It's From the Source, has a Balanced Ratio of Omega-3s and is Grown in Quality Controlled Tanks - Grown Organically Pure for a Golden Microalgae Oil Omega-3 Extract.   

by Scott Doughman, Ph.D.

1) You should learn that increasing the omega-3 DHA levels in the body involves storing omega-3s in the tissues as building blocks and that this accumulation is crucial to maintaining lifelong health. 

2) In all its brilliance, you should learn about how the GOLDEN OMEGA-3 called DHA, docosahexaenoic acid, can unlock mechanisms that help the body heal itself. 

3) You should learned about how Golden Microalgae Oil is an improved oil source so you don't have to take fish oil any more. 

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Now There is a Smarter Way Than Fish Oil

Because you've learned that increasing your omega-3 intake is crucial to maintaining good health and taking fish oil supplements has been the recommended way to increase circulating omega-3s in the blood stream, now you are aware that now there IS a SMARTER way. by Scott Doughman, Ph.D.
  • You only need 2 capsules for every 5 fish oil capsules for the same DHA.
  • It's a FISH FREE solution that can legitimately challenge the need for fish oil for medical omega-3s DHA and EPA needed by kids and adults.
  • The new and improved supplement formula is now available using life's DHA at 300 mg DHA, a Source-Omega, LLC innovation.
  • 100% Vegan oil and capsule.

Notably, the U.S. and global demand for fish and fish oil for omega-3s has grown 10 fold in ten years, now doubling every 3-5 years, with science pointing to maximum natural fishing being exceeded in pace.  Our all-natural optimized omega3 oil is made from source microalgae oil for more golden DHA omega-3.  The more concentrated oil replaces the need for fish oil omega-3s.  Golden Microalgae Oil is a clinical grade oil that provides a sustainable, scalable solution without any harm to the environment. 

Dr Doughman says "I also recently published on findings that a new potent microalgae oil extract matches your body's direct metabolic needs for ratio and dose of omega-3, with metabolically much better ratios than fish oil. Plus unlike fish oil, microalgae oil is a fresh extract that naturally contains phytosterols, vitamins K and D, and beneficial C22 Omega-DPA, a staple fatty acid found abundant in eggs and breast milk.  So the oil is ideal for brain health."

"I now claim our efforts are naturally improving upon fish oil by going to the omega-3 source, microalgae, the ultimate origin of where the fish oil omega-3s came from in the first place, through the food chain. I've seen the Ice-Algae studies and scientific reports. It is clear why only cold water fish have high omega-3s. It comes from their food."

Vegetarian Fish Oil: ie microalgae oil, is better for kids since most fish oil EPA is not suited to what kids need. Most fish oil is largely EPA, considered more appropriate for heart health. EPA is a signaling molecule made as needed from DHA, based on the way the body actually uses omega-3s.  See 

DHA is by far the most abundant omega-3 in the organs. For the first time, a microalgae oil supplement has matched fish oil for omega-3 dose at 300 mg per capsule, but microalgae oil is more concentrated and thus comes in a slightly smaller capsule size than fish oil for the same or more omega-3. The larger dose means each capsule is easier to tolerate and ensures kids get enough DHA each day. Microalgae oil is for heart health too. 2 concentrated capsules have 600 mg DHA and 20 mg EPA to naturally match your body's and heart's actual omega-3 ratio's.  Soon the Phase III clinical trials of microalgae oil omega-3 DHA therapy for early and moderate dementia and Alzheimer's treatment will be completed in an NIH funded study.  See the 2g/day DHA dose used in the Dementia/Alzheimer's study at, search DHA and microalgae oil.

*Information and statements regarding this supplement have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Chapel Hill NC; SOURCE-OMEGA, LLC., Manufacturer and Distributor of Clinical Omega-3 Microalgae Oil Supplements.

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