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Omega 3 DHA - Is There a Dietary Deficiency in Kids and Adults?

By Scott Doughman, Ph.D.

Omega 3 DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) has been getting lots of attention lately.

While many dieticians and pediatric and women's health experts have maintained for years that standard fish oil is vital for your body’s defense system against illness, only in the past decade has the medical community started to disseminate the facts that DHA is the most abundant omega-3 in the body and brain.

As research matures on omega 3 DHA fatty acid use, researchers are concluding that the essential DHA nutrient is absolutely indispensable to your health and wellness.  With positive press, more families are trying to get the omega 3 DHA they need without the contaminant risks from game fish like mackerel, sword fish, tuna and shark, all potentially risky as sources of omega 3 oil.  

All you need is omega 3 DHA, with proper EPA fatty acid levels to boot.  Simply increasing your fish consumption is not always enough to keep you healthy.  Most diets – even the ones that incorporate fish two to three times a week – have too much omega 6 fatty acids versus omega 3.

A deficiency in the essential nutrient DHA can possibly lead to inflammatory disorders.  You may not wish to alter your entire diet, so you will need to take steps to balance your fatty acid profile.  You can dramatically increase your omega 3 intake with concentrated DHA oils from microalgae – a cleaner fresher and good tasting omega-3 source to replace the need for fish oil.

Nothing replaces your own research and consultation with your physician. Talk to your doctor if you are taking medications to determine if Omega-3 DHA Therapy is right for you.  The important thing is to act because most people are subtly suffering with this deficiency, possibly for their entire life, without ever knowing why they spend so much time craving what we can’t get from medications, the core nutrient building blocks we need.

Feed your brain.  An un-oiled chain doesn’t work so well.  So help prevent the rust and dust in the mind from building up.  Clear the brain’s blues with clinical omega-3 DHA.  Let the sun shine in and may the source be with you.