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Why Omega-3 DHA Therapy is a Real Clinical Solution

One of the most established areas of research for marine omega-3 fatty acids like DHA is positive cognitive performance and reduced rates of age-related cognitive decline.  by Scott Doughman, Ph.D.

Two studies published in April 2007 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that regular consumption of omega-3-rich food could prevent age-related cognitive decline.  The studies, from the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, and the University of North Carolina, stated that only a limited number of studies have looked at the decline in cognitive function that precedes these diseases. 

Researchers have started focusing their attention on Alzheimer’s disease. A pre-clinical study, reported that DHA may cut the build-up of a certain protein linked to Alzheimer's (Journal of Neuroscience, April 2007, Vol. 27).  The study used genetically modified mice, and is reported to be the first study to show that DHA may slow the accumulation of a protein, tau, that leads to the development of neurofibrillary tangles, one of two signature brain injuries of Alzheimer's disease. 

Recently, researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) used cells from mice, rats, and humans to show that the DHA-induced production of the protein LR11 may cut the build-up of plaque from beta-amyloid deposits (Journal of Neuroscience, Dec. 2007, Vol. 27, pp. 14299-14307). 

Results of a clinical trial published in the Archives of Neurology (Vol. 63, pp. 1402-1408) reported that a daily supplement of 1720 mg DHA and 600 mg EPA showed promise for the slow mental decline in people with very mild Alzheimer's disease, but had no impact on people with more advanced forms.

Dr. Scott Doughman's clinical review of Schizochytrium Microalgae Oil (Current Diabetes Reviews, Aug. 2007, Vol. 3, pp. 198-203) established a clinical summary that together demonstrated why and how microalgae oil is a smarter clinical solution for ratio and dose of Omega-3, also suggesting lower triglycerides and reduced lipid oxidative stress are clear benefits of DHA supplementation using microalgae oil. 

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PURE ONE Gives DHA, EPA, Vitamin D and Vitamin K Naturally

Question: "Could you please clarify the following for me. The phytosterols, Vitamin K and Vitamin D present in Pure One - are they of natural origin and if so in what form are they present? What is the significance of these ingredients in brain, eye and heart health?"


Our Answer:

Thank you for the question about vitamin D & K and phytosterols.  I understand there are a lot of details.  In fact, this content is on our home page with references included; the vitamins and phytosterols are not associated with the brain eye heart benefits per se.  DHA is for a healthy brain eye heart.


All these components are naturally made by the microaglae.  In compariton, cod liver oil has vitamins A and D.  PURE ONE has Vitamins K and D.  Vitamins K and D work together.


Note: Just like with true Vitamin A, also with Vitamin K, people need to note the levels taken.  Our highest recommended dose of PURE ONE – 8 Capsules Daily – gives just over 200% minimum daily value of vitamin K.  This is not too much at all, but we caution people to not duplicate vitamin K intake in their supplement program when taking PURE ONE and to first talk to their doctors if they are on prescription blood thinners.


Vitamin K works with vitamin D to help calcium regulation and bone health.  Our oil is ideal for health and wellness at all ages and stages.

Omega-3 DHA

Phytosterols are a minor component, but these are discussed for two reasons A) they are heart healthy, B) these can apparently form solids inside the capsules over time and at cool temperatures.  This is a natural property some have noted.

Please contact me If you have follow-up questions, I'm here to help.


Ingredients: Microalgae Oil, Natural Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Palmitoyl-Ascorbate (Vitamin C), AL-G™ Gelatin (animal-free) made with starch, glycerine, all-natural algal carrageenan, water. The EPA in our oil is a natural part of the extracted oil. 

FREE of: fish, animal products, GMO’s, wheat, soy, hexanes, fragrance, flavorings, dye, toxins, allergens, pollutants and heavy metals.