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Frequently Asked Questions - Answered

Rosa commented:


I have not noticed one bit of difference since using your product. 


Hi Rosa, the one bottle you purchased will not make too much difference.  DHA is not a drug.  Nutritional therapies and products take time.  Even if you take Lipitor, can you tell that your cholesterol is lower?  No.  Also with triglyceride lowering benefits, you will not notice the difference as a feeling.  We have anecdotal and measurable results from customers, however.  In fact, some have generally commented that they can tell a difference when they stopped after taking high-DHA levels over time.  The effects were stated as if they had stopped taking vitamins and noticed a difference.  DHA is powerful, but not like a drug.  It becomes part of you as structure/function support for organ tissues, especially the brain and reduces baseline inflammation over time.  It can take 3 months to get the full benefits.  Please see our home page for the list of benefits you can expect provided you take 4 capsules per day for 3 months. - Dr. Doughman 

Luke asked:

Instead of swallowing the capsules I chew them sometimes to taste the oil.  Is this okay?

Yes. The oil has a light fresh feel and taste.  Microalgae oil has one of the longest shelf-lives of omega-3 oils with DHA/EPA because it has no animal peroxides. The expiration date is April 2010.   The oil we use was chosen because it is the most complex and nutritious (DHA + EPA + Vitamin D + Vitamin K + Phytosterols).   It is guaranteed for 2 years and is product tested. - Dr. Doughman

Some capsules seem to have solids.  Is this how it should be?

Yes, the solids you see are perfectly natural and safe, even ideal.  The small amount of saturated fat in the oil will appear from cool storage.  Like honey crystalizing, pure oils can seperate.  Think Palm Oil in summer versus winter.  It's the same with the palmitic fatty acid in the algae oil.  I keep bulk oil in our refrigerator at home and I like to use for adding to dishes, in the cool storage these trace fats settle out.  Another point is that the oil will not freeze as it is more than 50% long chain poly-unsaturated fatty acids. - Dr. Doughman 

Vanessa asked:

Is your product safe to use in pregnancy and lactation?  Is it safe to use with a regular prenatal supplement?

Hi Vanessa, Yes, the oil is in fact FDA approved as Infant Formula Grade and is one of the safest products on the market for pregnant and nursing mothers.  It's excellent for post-partum health too.  Thank you for asking and I look forward to serving you further. - Dr. Doughman