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by Scott Doughman, PhD
Algae oil (AO) supplementation compares equally well to all other omega-3 oil sources for absorption and bioavailability of omega-3s.  The omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), have properties important in nutrition and medicine for organ and tissue function.
1) DHA is also the omega-3 most abundantly incorporated into tissue phospholipids of the brain, eyes and heart.
2) Algae oil can be taken without risk and it's safer for newborn infants and good mixed as a liquid into formula.
3) Good for adults and mothers, it's simple to eliminate deficiencies even after years of not knowing how. 
4) Pure One is Gluten and Soy Free.
5) You will learn that subjects who take greater than 1000 mg DHA daily trend towards 50% maximal omega-3 levels after 1 month, then to nearly 95% after 3 months.
Algae oil (AO) is consistently bioavailable and Pure One is hypothesized to be more readily utilized in the system because the preformed DHA and EPA levels better match human tissue omega-3 compositions in infants and adults [discussions coming soon]
That's the Pure One difference.
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Source-Omega Licenses Pure One™ Omega-3 DHA/EPA Algae Oil Distribution in Sweden.

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Source-Omega Licenses Pure One™ Omega-3 DHA/EPA Algae Oil Distribution in Sweden.
The Source of Omega-3s For Fish Is Actually Algae Oil, a Clean, Sustainable Resource Used to Make DHA, The Only Omega-3 Proven to Support a Healthy Brain, Eyes and Heart Through Every Stage of Life.
CHAPEL HILL, NC --- Source-Omega, a Chapel Hill-based company, has partnered with Veganlife Stockholm to offer its alternative to fish oil in Sweden.
Source-Omega’s product, Pure One™, used in their Omega-3 DHA Therapy, is formulated to provide a scientifically optimized ratio of DHA/EPA omega-3s, the beneficial ingredients found in fish oil. 
Rather than fish oil, however, the product is made with algae oil, which gives it attractiveness to those who prefer not to eat fish or fish oils. There is also no fishy taste, and there are no fishy burps. Pure One is made using a clean, high-quality process that is earth-friendly and self-contained to ensure that the product is free from contaminants. 
“Pure One’s omega-3 ratio most closely matches the needs and composition of the human brain, an important fact for pregnant mothers to know about” said Pernilla Karlsson, Ph.D., Founder of Veganlife in Stockholm. “Pure One comes from a plant based source (algae), which means you can trust it more and you feel good about taking something so pure and helpful to the body and environment,” said Dr. Karlsson.
Dr. Karlsson also noted that Pure One is vegan-friendly, free from ocean contaminants, and one of the most affordable DHA products on the market.
DHA and EPA omega-3 essential fatty acids are found in human breast milk. Studies have shown that the Pure One DHA source provides cognitive benefits for both the developing fetus and for an aging adult’s healthy brain, eyes and heart.
In addition In subjects taking algae oil omega-3 DHA daily, significant improvements in plasma lipids are observed across 16 clinical studies supported by two reviews, one by Source-Omega’s Founder and one by Martek Biosciences Corporation [1,2].
“Data collected from Source-Omega consumer results report therapeutic benefits with 1200 mg DHA + 40 mg EPA daily. Pre-qualified subjects with high triglycerides (>200 mg/dl) volunteered for follow-up. Working with their doctors, the dosage provided 10% to 29% reduction in high triglyceride levels” reports Scott Doughman, Ph.D., the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Source-Omega. 
Dr. Doughman noted that their results are consistent with clinical studies described using algae DHA citing that 26% lower triglyceride levels was consistently observed across these studies when taking dosages above 1 gram DHA per day. 
Doughman also proposed the significance of these findings, saying “The DHA omega-3 level in LOVAZA* by GSK is perhaps the most active ingredient for lowering high triglycerides. Our research and development at Source-Omega suggests that DHA is more effective than fish oil mixtures for lowering postprandial triglycerides, an emerging topic in the area of diabetic dyslipidemia, also a topic of our patent pending status.”
Doughman concluded by suggesting an important role that Pure One plays in serving our planet is by its use of only pure and sustainable resources, thereby eliminating the need to “squeeze a fish” for our omega-3 supplement needs.    
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*LOVAZA (Omega-3 Acid Ethyl Ester) is a registered trademark of GlaxoSmithKline
Source-Omega Press Contact:  Gene Wolf  919-360-5275
[1] Doughman SD, Krupanidhi S, Sanjeevi CB. Omega-3 fatty acids for nutrition and medicine: considering microalgae oil as a vegetarian source of EPA and DHA.Curr Diabetes Rev. 2007 Aug;3(3):198-203. Review.
[2] Ryan AS, Keske MA, Hoffman JP, Nelson EB. Clinical overview of algal-docosahexaenoic acid: effects on triglyceride levels and other cardiovascular risk factors. American Journal of Therapeutics. 2009 Mar-Apr;16(2):183-92. Review.