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A POWER OMEGA is an omega-3 fatty acid IN YOU found one order of magnitude more abundantly than any other omega-3 fat. That means there are several forms of omega-3 fats, but only one is found ten times higher in you as part of your distinctively human "omega-3 identity". The POWER OMEGA in you is DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

Your omega-3 identity is part of your omega-3 physiology. Different parts of your body are separated into different organs and tissues similarly non-identical in omega-3 composition, ratio or abundance of DHA. But this one omega-3, the DHA, is always found most abundant in every single part of you.

Your omega-3 identity is defined. From the character of your red blood cells to the uniqueness of your organs, your individual DHA ratios are preset within each different part of you. But the range of total omega-3 levels in you will slowly build-up or go down in line with the DHA your system takes in. One conclusion is your DHA levels matter most.

It mainly matters how much omega-3 you are getting. Secondary to the problem is what type of omega-3 you are getting. Your body is pre-programmed to use the omega 3s you consume on a daily basis. Your liver will reshuffle the omega-3 fats in order to fulfill a preset fat delivery function it exists to perform for the rest of the body. 

The Great Balls of Fat

There is little any food or oil or drug can do to stop the liver from budding off droplets of fat filled during the hours after you eat, with or without an additional stick of butter added to your meal. Fortunately, the liver is a fat sponge that differentially uses, selects, pulls-out, picks-up DHA from liver membranes to form the budding fat droplets that traffic and transport fat out to the rest of the body. DHA is the fundamental omega-3 of that machinery in the liver that assembles the cargo packing material around the great balls of fat. 

This packing material is micelle-like; that is, it is a wrapper-like film on the surface of the fat ball. Like a shell. That shell has lots of DHA omega-3 in it, used by the liver to wrap fat. How this was learned is related to the scientific models of fat transport through the liver. Diving into the creation of these droplets is a mystery and a journey into science beyond the scope of this book. Several factors come together in the liver cell to make the great balls of fat inside special internal compartments. 

Think of budding fat droplets as packages going out through the mail. After wrapping, a stamp gets put on the package; it's the same case in the liver transport of fats. This is an example of reading into the detailed situation of what is happening to the omega-3 fats after you have eaten them. The liver controls and processes all the omega-3s. It re-bundles all of the omega-3s into a preset format, uses these for making fat packages ready to ship out. 

The liver is your first omega-3 processing organ. Other tissues are receivers of the shipments. At the other end of the package delivery, a cell will take in the package of fat by receptors. That means the cells see the stamp and swallows up the fat packet. After that the cell can incorporate the omega-3s into itself.

Fat transport functions are detectable and improved by virtue of what happens first in the liver cells to make the great balls of fat. Even if you don't eat omega-3, DHA mediated processes are still taking place in the liver, because that is how the liver works. But it seems that the liver works better when it has higher levels of DHA and other omega-3s available to do its work. In fact, this is clearly part of a physiology that lowers blood fats called triglycerides and reduces fatty liver syndromes. That omega-3 physiology is tied to the power of omega-3 DHA. 

Omega-3 Identity

Your omega-3 identity is part of your blueprint. DHA always present much more abundantly than all other omega-3 fatty acids in every tissue and cell in your body is not the only surprise. About 15 percent of your blood omega-3s are something called omega-3 DPA (docosapentaenoic acid). DPA is something most people have never heard of, which points to a need to know more about DHA as well.

Another important omega-3 fatty acid in the diet and the body is perhaps the most well-known. EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) makes up about 5-10 percent of the omega-3s in you. 

DHA, the POWER OMEGA, is also the longest chain fat that directly improves total blood fat levels. This in turn improves your health, but what you need to know is that when it comes down to eating your omega-3 fats, you are NOT at all what you eat.  

The input of food and type of omega-3 does not define your primary omega-3 identity, your liver does. Unlike alcohol that is removed by the liver, omega-3s are saved by the liver. Unlike amino acids that get absorbed by your cells while in the blood, fats don't absorb into you until they are deposited into the liver first for processing and shipment. Unlike sugar, which is rapidly spiked into the blood within minutes and hours, omega-3 fatty acids slowly travel through the system over hours, days, weeks and months. Fat is different in how it moves around in your body, it is tightly controlled and largely independent of other systems' direct control, although integrated with those other systems.

The DHA Power Food Advantage

What are people asking online and on calls? Now it seems everybody has heard about omega-3 as an important way to improve your quality of life, so people ask if there are lots of omega-3 sources to choose from, isn't all omega-3 the same? Not anymore!

Introducing DHA algae oil as a power food! This means you get the first optimized omega-3 dietary oil developed from a pure culture, not harvested or caught. Even if other omega-3s are also good for you, DHA could be the best for you to get in the diet directly. What if you could get your POWER OMEGA directly? Now you can. Algae are the unique Kingdom of Life that makes DHA directly as an organism.

It has since been found that the DHA in algae oil will help give nutrition, structure and function to your liver, heart, eyes and brain. Does that mean you are taking a brilliant leap forward in omega-3 fatty acids with DHA algae oil? Yes! Fish and flax oil require a majority of what is taken to be modified by the liver before use by the body.

Derived from algae, DHA algae oil is different from ordinary fish oil because it eliminates the possibility of mercury and other contaminants. DHA algae oil boosts your intake of DHA, the clinically supported nutrient associated with cognitive health and liver function.

DHA algae oil gives you a more scientifically perfect omega-3 balance directly used first by the liver for lowering your blood fats and for giving you the EPA you want for your heart by keeping or making the DHA you need.

DHA can be made by your body from fish oil and flax oil, but these are low DHA suppliers and require internal processing in the liver, plus these are not where DHA comes from in nature. Without direct DHA intake you could be at higher risk. Fish oil is a good substitute, but DHA algae oil is a truly great addition, especially if taking only flax oil.

What can the POWER OMEGA do for you?

So what do you need to know? The omega-3s are good fats needed more than ever to ensure your quality of life. So you need to know that DHA from algae oil has the highest natural DHA level known on Earth for providing you the POWER OMEGA your body uses most.

After years of research at leading universities I'm convinced DHA algae oil is the most effective and sustainable way to get the benefits of omega-3 in a way that will help keep you metabolically healthy so you can live longer healthy.
In fact, the science suggests DHA is critical to keep you metabolically healthy regardless of your weight. This means DHA is also a power food that saves lives. When you put more omega-3 fats into the diet the more DHA is made in the liver, this leads to less total fat build up in the blood to help keep you metabolically healthy. 

Metabolic health is defined as normal levels of blood fats such as the good and bad cholesterol, total cholesterol and your triglyceride levels.

Recent studies of persons who were obese supported the theory of a reduced risk of dying by up to 40 percent from obesity if metabolically healthy compared to persons who were obese and metabolically unhealthy. 
You live a certain lifestyle, besides your weight, be honest, are you metabolically healthy? It may not be the calories only, rather the choice of lifestyle and foods. It is truly simple; the steady state of being metabolically healthy is linked to the sturdy art of normal living, plus the DHA levels in you.

Right now, at this very moment, how is your fat health? Not your weight, your blood fat levels. These are also called your plasma lipids. Like your blood pressure has a normal range, so too blood fats have a normal range.
Separate from your weight, you can control your blood fats to increasingly become metabolically healthy. At high levels DHA in particular, plus other omega-3 fatty acids, could cut almost half the risk of dying from all causes when combined with normal diet and exercise.

Not all studies will agree, yet most will give some measure of reduced risk. My role is to inform you of the range of possibilities. Of course you may choose to do nothing, but medical doctors, FDA officials, Sports Umpires, Republicans and Democrats will often themselves be consumers of omega-3 supplements.
Could this book help you learn how to live longer healthy? Could this book help save lives? Indeed, omega-3 fats will help save you from yourself becoming metabolically unhealthy. Could this add an average three years to your lifespan? Yes it can when used for the long-term.

You can now call DHA algae oil the next generation omega-3 and the next generation plant-based omega-3. Now you know, in order to work, the liver particularly uses the omega-3 called DHA. This all seems to say that DHA in the liver is the POWER OMEGA, DHA SAVES LIVES and you can live longer healthy.

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