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by Scott Doughman, PhD

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First of all, consider me a full CSO and Regulatory QA/QC officer in operations and a CEO of Purity. For 5 years I have been seeking the holy grail of algae oil omega-3s and have emerged as Dr "DHA" Doughman. 

Everything comes down to one single concept here. Do YOU have the love it takes? Could YOU take a 99% pure DHA triglyceride oil and make something with it? I made DHAlicous(TM) and started researching how to develop this product for many different uses, now working on recipes. About half of product innovation is sparked by my customer's needs. You could also establish a ...founDHAtion...(TM) starting from our two ingredient DHA algae oil (DHA Chromista oil plus green tea antioxidants). 

It is my mission as PURE ONE(R) brand manager to make all our messages resonate with Peace and Love, all for the consumer and in the name of infants, families, the Public Health and Diabetes self-care programs. You are the PURE ONE(R) 

Also, we have made many PURE ONE(R) babies over the years. I call the babies born to mothers and families taking it... PURE ONE(R) babies

What to Buy Now!? Mother Nature. Ever wonder what food consumers worldwide really want? Natural purity. Good news, you are in luck. PURE ONE® uses the original water extraction technique to give 99% natural triglycerides for the purest DHA oil on the planet. 

Now we can assure the mother of our water extraction process and absolute purity. The analysis we did shows it exceeds all fish oil or other algae oil purity standards in the world.You can really save your life, live longer healthy and enjoy life, including foods and drinks all along the way. 

Can you win on purity? Is it superior? Well, if you don't think so you will end up loving another, have less peace of mind, less comfortable living conditions, loss of wireless, fear and pain. No, really! 

Maybe we should cap and trade purity, like we do pollution. Think about it, if we cap purity levels then I can sell purity credits to my competitors. 

I'm strategically going in the direction of supporting life, preventing death and promoting conception. I'm interested in focusing on ideas related to birthing, beauty and body wraps. 

Call me if you need product or oil. 
Chief Scientific Officer/Consulting Available

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