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DHA Acts Like Your Body’s Omega-3 Form of Money

So easily we forget this. Ideal intake over time can add 3 years to lifespan and quality of life. Why DHA is making a difference for you is because it acts like your body's omega-3 form of money.

It matters which omega-3 you choose, because DHA intake levels make the ultimate big gains differences in your physical health and longevity. DHA is 10-fold more abundant in you than all other omega-3s combined, plus 20-fold and 30-fold more abundant in your eyes and nervous system.

The more DHA you save up in your system, the better your health returns. Based on longevity studies, DHA gives your body more usable DPA and EPA omega-3s and gives a "quarterly dividend" of consistently lower heart disease risk, the number one cause of death at over 650,000 per year in the USA.
Professionals work daily with a variety of stresses, are more indoors, and are increasingly in front of a screen, requiring new tech for home and office. The heart, eyes and brain need foods that support these trends.

Beyond fruits and nuts, vegetables and Vitamin D, the winter is a time to deposit DHA omega-3 in all the cells and tissues. This DHA deposit pays out by supporting mitochondrial functions, synaptic plasticity, and sleep rhythms.

The popular use of DHA satisfies all the same benefits you can get from eating the oily fish twice a week or taking fish oil pills. But algae omega-3 DHA has proven equal or better across all types of people and is in a better position to help over time. Additional dietary EPA is not required because sufficient amounts of this is made from DHA by the liver every single day, in just the right amounts while DHA levels are maintained. Therefore, it is recommended to get at least 700mg to 1400mg DHA per day for most outcomes, and up to 2000mg DHA, which is about 1 teaspoon of pure oil.  

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