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I am a clinician and often prescribe omega 3 fatty acids to patients for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. A large chunk of my patient population is vegetarian and refuse to take marketed preparations of fish oil.  What would be your advice? What source of omega 3 fatty acids can they take? Would olive oil help (not because of omega 3)?
- Agra India
Dr. Sai Ram,
Sanjay referred to me to answer your question.  He and I collaborate in India.  My company serves your needs and was formed to serve those needs offering the next generation plant based omega-3, 100% vegetarian.  We may be able to send small quantities to India. 
Your question is on RA and oils for omega-3.  The most common supplement use of omega-3s for joints is in combination with glucosamine and chondroitin.  Omega-3s are not directly involved in immune processes. Omega-3 helps baseline inflammation over time.  Olive oil will not help for omega-3s, although olive oil is low in the omega-6s.  Removing sources of omega-6, like reducing salt for example, is advisable as a dietary intervention along with at least 600 mg DHA/EPA daily, 2 of our softgels.  We also have 3 ounce liquid oil bottles as an option.
Dr Scott Doughman, Ph.D.
President and Chief Scientist
Source-Omega, LLC

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