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Ocean Nutrition Canada Inaccuracies Campaign Misleading

The media play of an old issue in Alzheimer's omega-3 research has been curiously heightened by Robert Orr's complaints.  But news reporting of omega-3s, adwords, and advertisements are dominated by fish oil, so fish oil will start fighting the impact of the play on sources without much harm to algae oil as few know about it still and such news is actually helpful.  Even people taking algae oil sometimes forget it is not fish oil, so it is helpful for building awareness.  So all that is happening is a backfire making Ocean Nutrition Canada, an importer of fish oil to the USA, look like they don't know what they are talking about as fish oil can't do any better for Alzheimers, ever, so what do they have to loose by making a stink?  The DHA Cognitive Study did not fail and the study was an important first step.  Fish oil might like to go back to school.  Because fish oil omega-3s are such powerful search terms, all that is happening, I believe, is that the media nuances are due to lack of public awareness being leveraged with an 'inaccuracies campaign' that will stick to fish oil not algae oil, which is always pure and sustainable.  Algae oil has been very useful and shares in serving the global demand with products Made in the USA, not Canada.  That is why Source-Omega's work is so important, we give USA sourced and USA manufactured products that are serving the world with innovations that have evolved past hunting and gathering fish at the corporate level.  What also should be discussed is how fish oil ethyl esters are being marketed as Natural, which is false and misleading full of serious, fishy inaccuracies, if not just stealthy marketing of concentrated fish oil byproducts made suitable for human consumption after significant processing and chemical alteration.  Life Life Naturally.  Perhaps Robert Orr can start by cleaning up his own act, but the fishy smell and taste may linger. 

Dr Scott Doughman


While both are important I have to say I am increasingly surprised with how much DHA the body seems to absorb and store. EPA is stored at much lower levels and is generally made as needed. With algae oil, nothing has been done to alter the beautiful golden oil. The body simply takes any extra EPA in the fish oil and processes it and takes any extra DHA in the algae oil and processes it. The 3 month timepoint does not look much different in terms of how the body is made up, so there is a perfect substitute for fish oil, its algae oil. You are what you eat is sort of true, but eating fish oil does not help you swim better. The body has mechanisms and genes to regulate fatty acids with greater sophistication than we knew. Let’s put it another way. If you had a holiday pie cut into 8 pieces, 1 to 2 of those pieces is EPA and 6-7 of the pieces are DHA. So dosing with DHA from a plant source is actually a scientifically superior strategy. Vegan medicine has an advantage when it comes to omega-3s. I published on some of this in 2007.

Dear Dr.Scott Doughman: Could you please guide me about these questions,which is ( DHA or EPA )more important for human ? And what is the best ratio of them together in human diet? Thanks in advance Best Regards Parastoo

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