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Omega-3 Fatty Acids Offer a Boost During Menopause

Capsules of omega-3 fatty acids could help women cope with some of the symptoms of the menopause, a new study has suggested.

According to experts from Massachusetts General Hospital, the supplement can help fight major depressive disorder, while it can also reduce hot flushes in women during the menopausal transition.

The study involved 20 women who were given a placebo, followed by three omega-3 fatty acid capsules daily for eight weeks.

It was found that 70 per cent of the women saw a reduction of at least 50 per cent in their MADRS (Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale) at the end of the trial.

Dr Marlene Freeman, who led the research, said: "We are excited about the possibility of using a non-hormonal low-risk intervention to treat mood and related symptoms associated with the menopausal transition."

Previous research from scientists at the University of Alabama revealed that women who experience an early menopause may be at increased risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke in later life.

Posted by Martine Ward


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