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SOURCE OIL® Forwards Freshest DHA Algae Omega-3 Ever Made

Source-Omega, the makers of SOURCE OIL® since 2012, forwarded they still make the freshest, most stable, best tasting, unblended algae omega-3 oil on the market. The product was perfected 6 years ago, they say, and it remains perfected because it is water extracted, winterized and a single ingredient oil. 

Previous company statements in press, since 2012, have been forwarded by Source-Omega and its Chief Scientist. These statements include comments that suggest algae oil is successful as an unmodified, natural food for nutrition, that algae omega-3 can substitute for medical fish oils, that retro-conversion of DHA is more efficient than taking high EPA levels since the body own ratio is about 80% DHA and only 5% EPA, and that their oil is made in controlled tanks and is untouched by seawater.

Dr Scott Doughman, the founder and architect of Source-Omega, says "Our Chromista oil (schizochytrium sp.) is uniquely water extracted to create an improved quality standard. We consistently have the lowest Total Oxidation number in an algae oil ever recorded. Our latest 3rd party certificate is available to view."
(See file here file:///C:/Users/sourceo/Downloads/COA%202018.pdf)

The lowest oxidation score means the taste and freshness are unmatched, Dr Doughman suggested. He further claimed that adding additional antioxidants post-extraction is "totally" unnecessary or can even "backfire" when in excess. He says this often turns into a formulation race to recover errors that get propagated in the name of so-called improvements. He suggested this is because each ingredient mix has different unknowns, contaminants and drawbacks, which can spiral into formulation fixes and lower quality and off tastes.

"Although new algae oil suppliers may enter the algae oil market, it appears superior taste and quality will remain exclusive to SOURCE OIL, the only 100% algae oil product on the market. My 10 years of experience with algae oil and my training as a NIH omega-3 lipid biochemist ensures that our standard is our promise. Source-Omega is advising not to formulate with pigments and fillers because it will lower the quality. Pure organic flavor oils such as lemon, orange and rosemary oils that are rich in terpenes have proven the best flavoring options."

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