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Source-Omega Unveils New Supplement

Source-Omega unveils new supplement in Pure One Next Gen Plant Based Omega-3 line

FBR Staff WriterPublished 16 February 2011


Source-Omega, an international manufacturer of algae oil nutritional products, has introduced Optimized DHA3 ForeBRAIN, the second product in its line of Next Gen Plant Based Omega-3 for premium optimized vegetarian lipids.


The company has plans to launch this product on Earth Day 2011. Optimized DHA3 ForeBRAIN is said to consist of select algae oil that is rich in DHA n-3 (300mg) and DPA n-6 (100mg) plus EPA n-3 (10mg).

Pure One DHA plus DPA n-6 and EPA advances the company's proprietary 300mg DHA + 10mg EPA formulation using algae oil. Greater levels of DHA plus EPA are required to lower triglycerides for heart health in adults.

The company said that there will be 30 capsules for a one month supply and one capsule per day of the Pure One product is recommended to support brain structure and function in children 4 and over and in adults.

Source-Omega president and chief scientist Scott Doughman said the ForeBRAIN product is consistent with the company's prior observation that Pure One algae oil fatty acids are balanced to match the body's needs, and this means that the human brain make-up of omegas is more closely matched by the Pure One ForeBRAIN product ratios.

"Optimized DHA3 ForeBRAIN features the median ratio of 3:1 DHA/DPA found in human breast milk," Doughman noted.

The company claims that DPA n-6 lipid in ForeBRAIN comes from the same Non-GMO algae strain as the first Pure One product and is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers.

The Pure One vegetarian form of the 'egg lipids' DHA, DPA and EPA together may provide greater brain support than DHA alone, according to Source Omega.

100mg DPA n-6 per serving is regarded safe and beneficial as a fatty acid that is also present in the general food supply and is safe at higher dosages.

Source Omega is into manufacturing, branding, private labeling and globalization of algae oil nutritional products under the name and formula Pure One, the Next Generation Plant Based Omega-3 for its Omega-3 DHA Therapy, for clinics offering triglyceride lowering plasma lipids management programs, brain health, and for pregnancy, nursing and family care.

For more information about Scott Doughman see: 

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