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Dr. Scott Doughman Developed Pure One DHA+EPA in 2007 for ALL of the World's People

SCOTT DOUGHMAN PhD is Founder and CEO of Source-Omega, LLC. He is recipient of several prestigious awards, including a Fellowship in Nutritional Biochemistry from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for studying the Role of Omega-3s and EFAs in Metabolic Diseases. 

Dr Doughman, has gone on to author several scientific research studies and two clincial review articles on source algae oil Omega-3s for OMEGA-3 DHA THERAPY™ (Curr. Diabetes Rev, 2007). Dr Doughman's insight into Omega-3 metabolism has attracted attention in the scientific community. And he understands the global need for Omega-3 DHA and EPA and ALA. 

His public health exposure led him to uniquely understand how Omega-3 DHA+EPA in balance is needed to properly care for Lipid Metabolic Diseases. This led to interests in standardizing the Omega-3 DHA Therapy as a medical food use to normalize Postprandial Triglyceride levels [following a meal], for which Source-Omega™ claimed their Patent Pending status before abandoning this in 2012, when US algae oil patent expirations for single cell oils ended after 20 years.

His doctoral work was on Lipid Dependent Neurotransmitter Release Mechanisms in the Brain, which led to postdoctoral work on Developmental Biology, Nutritional Biochemistry and Omega-3 Metabolism in the Department of Developmental Biology and the Department of Nutrition at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Gillings School of Global Public Health. 

Currently Dr Doughman's Integrative Omega-3 Therapies have helped the company develop an optimized and published metabolic dosing program to build up the omega-3 levels in the body. His vast knowledge of the topic and amazing customer results drive his 'essential-to-you' research, writings and articles. 

Scott Doughman first became involved with Omega-3s at the University of Wisconsin-Madison while earning his Doctorate in Cell and Molecular Biology in the Department of Biochemistry (the historic birthplace of Vitamin D research).

"High blood fat levels are common in adults with weight gain and with low dietary DHA omega-3 levels.  High blood fat levels called high triglycerides are a risk factor screened for during the cholesterol test.  High blood fat levels may lead to lipotoxicity, insulin resistance, and metabolic diseases." * 

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The foundation for lowering high blood fats is DHA sufficiency.  Blood fats are called triglycerides [1].  DHA is the most effective omega-3 for lowering high triglycerides [2].  

"PURE ONE lowers the fats fast and effectively and is balanced to match your body's omega-3 needs!" - Dr. Doughman, Founder of Source-Omega™, developer of PURE ONE.

Dr. Scott Doughman is a leading proponent of Omega-3 DHA as a preventative of inflammatory conditions that set the body up for neurotransmitter diseases, cardiovascular disease, high triglycerides, and aging related health issues.*