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Expert Evaluates Omega-3 DHA to EPA Ratio Controversy Using Algae Oil Models

April, 2017

March 23, 2017 --( Source-Omega Chief Scientific Officer and algae omega-3 expert, Dr. Scott Doughman, PhD, today answered frequently asked questions about the so-called DHA to EPA ratio controversy.

Using past and present algae oil models, the case is presented in the form of a discussion, based on actual questions from around the world. The topic follows on from his recently authored 2016 Springer publication text book chapter on algae oil omega-3 safety and efficacy.

Source-Omega LLC is developer of the Class 1 branded ingredient SOURCE OIL®, a Chromista oil (Schizochytrium sp.) that is water extracted from a select wild-type strain to eliminate all chemical and genetic modifications. The company maintains public health advocacy and scholarly publications in support of the DHA ratios present in human tissues, which are up to 97 percent of all omega-3 fatty acids found in the brain.

Colleague Question: "I had a query from a client today who was comparing SOURCE OIL® vegetarian DHA to another algae oil omega-3 product. Her query was about the balance of DHA to EPA. Your product has 720mg DHA and 15mg EPA per 2 mL, the other source has 520mg DHA and 250 mg EPA per 2 mL. Why is there a difference?"

Dr Doughman Answers: "Thank you for your question. Whereas all 16 published clinical studies and several reviews in algae oil have only included high DHA, low EPA oil versions in the studies, the ownership history of the oil behind the another brand spent $10 million dollars to modify their original published strain to create an oil more similar to some fish oil ratios, which is unnecessary for people. While it may be conveniently marketable as such, the human body has 80% DHA and 5% EPA as its own average ratio. Thus, the choice is quality and science, vs corporate modifications."

Colleague Question: "Thank you Doctor, very interesting indeed. And is there any nutritional reason to have more EPA? Can or does the body convert DHA to EPA? I'm sure I read that somewhere. In which case there would be no need for high strength EPA, is that correct?"

Dr Doughman Answers: "That is correct, there is no nutritional reason to have more EPA, other than to be like fish oil. Human digestion converts the DHA/EPA ratios in any of these oils to its own inherent ratios. Starting ratio is relatively insignificant from a nutritional perspective. However, algae studies show the high DHA algae oil is equivalent and sometimes superior to fish oil in tissue function, metabolism and benefits due in part to the ease of converting 5% DHA into EPA in just the right amounts, according to what the body needs and how it is made. All of this is discussed in publication reviews Doughman et al., 2007 & 2013 & 2016."

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