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Nutritional Deficiency

Omega-3 Deficiency causes 96,000 US deaths per year, say researchers

By Shane Starling, 26-Jun-2009

Related topics: Omega-3, Research, Nutritional lipids and oils, Cardiovascular health, Cognitive and mental function

Omega-3 deficiency is the sixth biggest killer of Americans and more deadly than excess trans fat intake, according to a new study. The Harvard University researchers looked at 12 dietary, lifestyle and metabolic risk factors such as tobacco smoking and high blood pressure and used a mathematical model to determine how many fatalities could have been prevented if better practices had been observed. The study, jointly funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through the Association of Schools of Public Health, drew on 2005 data from the US National Health Center for Health Statistics. They determined that there were 72,000-96,000 preventable deaths each year due to omega-3 deficiency, compared to 63,000-97,000 for high trans fat intake. [More] 

TABLE: of all industrialized countries, the U.S. and U.K. were the 2 lowest in DHA intake.