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Water Extracted Algae Oil Capsules

Omega-3 Capsules

Our Algae based Omega 3 Capsules can help bring down high triglyceride levels without the need for a prescription.  Our oil offers a golden ratio of Omega-3s at 300mg DHA and 10mg EPA per capsule.  The ratio of DHA to EPA is the secret behind the effectiveness of Omega 3 to lowering triglycerides.  PURE ONE contains 300mg of DHA and 5 mg to 10 mg of EPA per capsule.   Compare this to the leading brands and see for yourself how PURE ONE makes the difference clear. The oil is balanced to match your body's omega-3 needs.

Omega 3 and Overall Health

Unlike fish oil that need decontamination, PURE ONE, is naturally pure with no risk of unintended pollutants.  At Source Omega  we care about your health.  Building up your omega-3 index can be the most important natural medical program you can follow for optimal health.

Doctor's Prescription

PURE ONE is an over-the-counter product.  No doctor visits, no prescription costs, and no stress.  You can be assured that because PURE ONE is an algae based omega 3 capsule, there are no contaminants or pollutants with potentially negative effects.


It's important to have a full list of dosage levels of DHA and EPA before you decide to buy to make sure that our product is right for you.  Below we have included the full complement of ingredients used in each capsule of PURE ONE.

OIL: DHA-Rich Omega-3 Algae Oil with Green Tea Antioxidants. 

CAPSULE: All-natural algal carrageenan with modified corn starch, sorbitol, glycerine, & water.