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Our Story is Making a Difference

Pure One is the Next Generation Plant Based Omega-3.

Source-Omega, LLC, grew out of the scientific research of Dr. Doughman, a respected lipid biochemist who has been studying the role of Omega-3s in our health since 1997.  As a result of his research, Dr. Doughman came to important realizations.  "Our R & D grew out of continually ensuring our innovations are industry leading technical advancements.  We build results, that is why our loyal following across the country tells friends, family and even co-workers about Pure One™ " states Dr. Doughman. 
Ending High Triglycerides Together 
High Triglycerides Levels are One of the Earliest Warning Signs of Health ChangesWe Can Help You Achieve Guaranteed Results in 3 Months.  Source-Omega is the new company behind a revolutionary nutraceutical product that is safe, non-toxic and all-natural, which the company believes may provide customers with an omega-3 advantage over traditional pharmaceutical and dietary supplement solutions. 
Read more about the Founder, Dr. Scott Doughman : Selected Reference
Where we started: Where the market stood
  1. With hundreds of Omega-3 products on the market, none were being specifically marketed to match the dosage and formula to our bodies' natural functions.
  2. Very little effort was being made to educate and empower the consuming public about the detailed workings of Omega-3s in our bodies or the scientific reasons (not the popular hype) for the importance of Omega-3 supplements in our diets.
Out of these discoveries, the mission of Source-Omega LLC was formed:
  1. To give good news results at the doctors office.
  2. To empower consumers in actively managing their health care with a superior omega-3 oil and improved formula for all ages.
Significantly, an increasing number of U.S. consumers today are actively managing their health care needs through lifestyle changes.  Nutrition is an ideal personal treatment option for medical conditions.  We strive to be a valuable partner in developing long, healthy, happy, active lives, providing a super nutritional solution to a global epidemic - omega-3 deficiency due to modern diet. 
In the months ahead, we plan to build on this website the most extensive assembly possible of information that is usable and actionable for individuals, kids, adults, diabetics, doctor's clinics and health and wellness programs.  We provide general education tips for managing a healthy life style.  So stay tuned and come back often, just for research or to resupply your stock of our revolutionary product, Pure One™ from Source-Omega™.  Algae oil, the source where fish oil omega-3s come from.


BRAIN HEALTH:  Top researchers consistently report Alzheimer's onset may be linked to chronic DHA nutritional deficiencies in the elderly.  A recent Johns Hopkins Health Alert states that appropriate levels of dietary DHA alone could help.  Did you know DHA is needed for supporting 97% of the omega-3 building blocks in the brain, a well established biological fact, and one increasingly important during the aging process.

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is one of the hardest omega-3s to get from the diet alone, found only at low levels in foods, even in fish and fish oils.  Only golden plant based DHA oil is naturally concentrated in this increasingly vital nutrient and health and wellness compound. 

DHA is an essential fatty acid, one of the omega-3 compounds that our bodies cannot make; therefore, we must get DHA through our diet or from supplement oils.  Omega-3 DHA is not only essential for brain nutrition, but also has a major roll in eye and heart health.  Of course, omega-3 DHA is found at low levels in cold water oily fish like: salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies and sardines, but fish DHA omega-3s come from the micro-algae in their food chain.

Recent articles highlight farm-raised fish; tilapia, salmon, etc. do not contain beneficial amounts of omega-3 DHA.  A local grocer displays wild salmon at high per pound prices, which prohibits wild salmon being served on most family tables.  High costs and our modern fast-food lifestyles establish an environment where consumption of omega-3 DHA is inadequate if not dangerously deficient.  Now DHA is available pure from oils from organic processes grown in large tanks.

How do wild fish, more importantly, how do we get the essential DHA nutrients from food?  Because DHA is autonomously created by algae in the oceans of the world at the very origin of the food chain, this is the source of the global food supply. 

Using photosynthesis processes still not completely understood, microalgae convert electromagnetic energy from sunlight into chemical energy for carbohydrates and omega-3s.  Unique enzyme systems in algae condense the sun's energy into DHA long chain fatty acids stored as oil. The large fraction of fatty acids stored as omega-3s are because these support the microalgae's own photosystems. 

Eventually DHA is passed into the food chain to us.  Yet unknown is the scientific question, 'How is it that all life forms with nerve cells came to depend on the DHA balance in the food supply?'  It is within the microalgae oils that omega-3 DHA in Nature is created and stored.  Krill, shrimp, whales, and other aquatic organisms consume the microalgae as their foods making a food chain that becomes part of the wild fish we may eat and then it becomes part of ourselves.

But beware: there is a growing list of concerns related to over fishing, and for all too long our rivers and oceans have been used as chemical dumping grounds.  During a fish's life span these environmental toxins are accumulated in a fish's body.  Therefore many fish oils are required to be molecularly distilled for human consumption.  Algae oil does not have these issues.  It starts clean and ends pure.  That's the Pure One difference.

The need for the benefits of algae oil DHA are well established; so why not get your omega-3 DHA from the origin of the food chain instead of from fish oil?  That is why Dr. Scott Doughman, chief scientist and founder of Source-Omega, helped create Pure One as the world's first optimized Omega-3 using golden microalgae oil to give both DHA and EPA in a scientifically balanced ratio.  His goal was to provide clinically proven, proudly prescription free options, and the educate for all people all around the world, all about the fundamental diet induced causes of certain forms of cognitive decline, that means people do have a choice before they must turn to expensive pharmaceutical treatments that only address the symptoms of concern or only provide relief, not the cause.

In an August 2007 issue of the journal Current Diabetes Reviews, Dr. Doughman published his peer reviewed clinical summary of all published human trials with algae oil.  His analysis also shows why microalgae oil is absolutely safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic and clinically as effective or more effective than any other source of omega-3 for getting results with a proven clinical DHA regimen.

"One break-through Dr. Doughman brings is evidence that microalgae oil better matches the body's omega-3 requirements." says Gene Wolf owner of Great Earth Vitamins in Chapel Hill's Meadowmont Village, where Pure One is available.  To obtain the same clinical amount of 2 grams of DHA per day you need only 8 capsules of Pure One versus a whopping 18 capsules of fish oil" says Gene.  "Plus, unlike most fish oil products, Pure One golden microalgae oil soft-gels are a delightful experience, no fishy taste or fishy smell and this is a green product, i.e. grown in large culture tanks in the USA without impact on or depletion of our ocean's vital recourses."