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Our Story is Making a Difference

Pure One is the Next Generation Plant Based Omega-3.

Source-Omega, LLC, grew out of the scientific research of Dr. Doughman, a respected lipid biochemist who has been studying the role of Omega-3s in our health since 1997.  As a result of his research, Dr. Doughman came to important realizations.  "Our R & D grew out of continually ensuring our innovations are industry leading technical advancements.  We build results, that is why our loyal following across the country tells friends, family and even co-workers about Pure One™ " states Dr. Doughman. 
Where we started: Where the market stood
  1. With hundreds of Omega-3 products on the market, none were being specifically marketed to match the dosage and formula to our bodies' natural functions.
  2. Very little effort was being made to educate and empower the consuming public about the detailed workings of Omega-3s in our bodies or the scientific reasons (not the popular hype) for the importance of Omega-3 supplements in our diets.
Out of these discoveries, the mission of Source-Omega LLC was formed