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250 ml (8 OZ) 100% Water Extracted Chromista Oil - ORGANIC ROSEMARY - 1000 mg/Serving
250 ml (8 OZ) 100% Water Extracted Chromista Oil - ORGANIC ROSEMARY - 1000 mg/Serving
Price $ 98.75

125 servings per bottle.
SOURCE OILTM with ORGANIC ROSEMARY FLAVOR: 1000 mg Algae Omega-3 per 2mL,
about a half teaspoon. 250 mL bottle of the finest omega-3 oil. 

INGREDIENTS: Chromista Algae Oil, Organic Lemon Oil

(Chromista oil is a water extracted Schizochytrium algae oil with trace natural
tocopherol added prior to extraction as an antioxidant).
FREE OF GMOs, seed oils, animal products, fish, soy, wheat, gluten,
dairy, yeast, sugars, fragrance, hexane, solvents, alcohols, chemical
additives, synthetic preservatives, silicone, added colors and artificial flavors.
Serving Size: 2.0 mL. 
Servings per container, 125    
Supplement Facts:
1000 mg DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 
    10 mg EPA   (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)
BUY 3 GET 1 FREE VALID - JUST BUY 3 TO GET 4 [at sales prices also]
Get 500 servings per 1.0 Liter (4 bottles), $297.85 [at regular price]

SOURCE OIL® is a water extracted ALGAE OIL (Chromista oil).
Produced in enclosed tanks.
Suitable for daily use by newborns, children,
pregnant nursing mothers, adults of all ages. 

Suggested Use:  Take with food.   
  •      Adults 2.0  to 4.0 mL per day.
  •      Children 2.0 mL per day.
  •      6 month to 2 years 1 mL per day.
  •      Newborn  to 6 months  0.5 mL oil per day.

Per Gram Oil >500 mg DHAn3,
            with >50 mg DPAn6 and
                   >3 mg EPAn3
                   plus OLAn9 [Omega3-6-9]:

2 years Stability
Peroxide Value <2.0meq

Contact SOURCE-OMEGA: Ph 919-360-5275

Satisfies: FDA GRAS, GMP, ISSFAL and the GOED monogram.