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Source-Omega’s Pure One™ Announces Three Year Anniversary to Coincide with Earth Day

April, 2011


Chapel Hill, NC, April 20, 2011 --( Source-Omega's Pure One™ was launched Earth Day April 22nd 2008, three years ago, using Martek's DHA-S™ oil. Developed from microalgae oil, Pure One™ helps the heart using EPA and the brain by boosting DHA intake, users can also lower triglycerides naturally.

There has been increased attention in recent years to the health benefits attributed to omega-3 fatty acids. However Source-Omega, LLC, which grew out of the scientific research of Dr. Scott Doughman, a respected lipid biochemist, has been studying the role of Omega-3s in our health since 1997.

Pure One™ has a patent pending formulation, without conflicts of interest, based on the published academic work of Dr. Doughman, PhD, 2007, Current Diabetes Reviews. Pure One™ was the first DHA plus EPA algae product to market in the USA in 2008. Doughman is the developer of Pure One™ and President and Chief Scientist of Source-Omega, LLC.

"While other companies have recently changed their product formulation to resemble Pure One™, Pure One™ maintains a best-in-class virgin oil status in the U.S. and a clear image of the future in international markets," says Doughman. "That's the Pure One difference, to provide omega-3 innovations, access and solutions to all the world's people through its optimized balance helping both the heart and the brain."

About Source-Omega: Source-Omega, LLC is headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, near the Research Triangle Park. It was founded in 2007 and specializes in the international marketplace for manufacturing, branding, private labeling and globalization of algae oil nutritional products under the name and formula Pure One™, the Next Generation Plant Based Omega-3™ for their Omega-3 DHA Therapy™, for clinics offering triglyceride lowering plasma lipids management programs, brain health, and for pregnancy, nursing and family care.