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Expert Evaluates Omega-3 DHA to EPA Ratio Controversy Using Algae Oil Models April, 2017

March 23, 2017 --( )-- Source-Omega Chief Scientific Officer and algae omega-3 expert, Dr. Scott Doughman, PhD, today answered frequently asked questions about the so-called DHA to EPA ratio controversy. Using past and present algae oil models, the case is presented in the form of a discussion, based on actual questions from around the world. The topic follows on from his recently authored 2016 Springer publication text book chapter on algae oil omega-3 safety and efficacy. Source-Omega LLC is developer of the Class 1 branded ingredient SOURCE OIL®, a Chromista oil (Schizochytrium sp.) that is water extracted from a select wild-type strain to eliminate all chemical and genetic modifications. The company maintains public health advocacy and scholarly publications in support of the DHA ratios present in human tissues, which are up to 97 percent of all omega-3 fatty acids found in the brain. Colleague Question: "I had a query from a client today who was comparing SOURCE OIL® vegetarian DHA to another algae oil omega-3 product. Her query was about the balance of DHA to EPA. Your product has 720mg DHA and 15mg EPA per 2 mL, the other source has 520mg DHA and 250 mg EPA per 2 mL. Why is there a difference?" Dr Doughman Answers: "Thank you for your question. Whereas all 16 published clinical studies and several reviews in algae oil have only included high DHA, low EPA oil versions in the studies, the ownership history of the oil behind ..... read more

Peak Long-Chain Omega-3s May Double Anti-Cancer Benefits March, 2015

  Mason, OH, March 16, 2015 --( )-- People can reduce risk of colorectal cancers, suggests a new study that considered vegetarian diets. The results designate secondary protections may additional come from long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. This combined approach, a vegetarian diet along with omega-3s might be one of the best diet-based protections, according to a new study published online March 9th in the Journal American Medical Association (JAMA) - Internal Medicine. Measured as significant protections against the second deadliest form of cancer in the US, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported the March 9th publication shows fish-eating vegetarians, or pescovegetarians, had a 43 percent lower risk of colorectal cancers than nonvegetarians. However, Source-Omega's founding scientist discusses that the study did not separately track vegetarians or vegans who use omega-3 supplements along with their diets to get peak levels of long chain omega-3s. The company scientist indicated the JAMA Internal Medicine study only reported possible omega-3 intakes from eating fish. "Of the omega-3 fats in the human body, about 80 percent are DHA with some EPA and very little ALA. Fish have both DHA and EPA. Yet, it is well known algae provide high levels of DHA and some EPA. The American Diatetics Association has inferred vegans and vegetarians should consider the use of omega-3 supplements when not consuming fish," said Dr Scott ..... read more

New Omega-3 Structure Function Claim for DHA-Rich Algae Oil October, 2012

Chapel Hill, NC, October 11, 2012 --( )-- Source-Omega today forwarded new structure function claims for dietary omega-3 intake from a single algae oil. Both omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and omega-3 eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) are present in their oil. As a supplier, the company has defined DHA-rich algae oil uses in very low density lipoprotein (VLDL) biology. They say the literature clearly defines DHA as the inherent structural omega-3 in the outer lipoprotein phospholipid monolayer, as inherent to the mechanism of VLDL formation and VLDL fatty acid transport in regulated physiology. They say these data are well established in the literature, although the mechanism is what Source-Omega claims they are now able to more clearly define. "We claim DHA is the definitive omega-3 used by the liver to form VLDL. Also, DHA functions in VLDLs in the circulation to maintain steady state fatty acid transport, which is what appears to dose-dependently modify levels of plasma triglycerides in healthy individuals. We disclaim the intent to modify plasma triglyceride levels for any medical use, but medical doctors may recommend DHA-rich algae oil for this purpose. We think our methods will add compliance and basis to best practices to help guide health professionals and to inform the public health," said Scott Doughman, PhD, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer at Source-Omega, LLC. Recently, the company re-launched PURE ONE® DHAlicious™, ..... read more

PURE ONE Omega-3 Formulated with Non-Hexane Extracted Algae Oil DHA September, 2012

Chapel Hill, NC, April 25, 2012 --( )-- Source-Omega today announced their PURE ONE Omega-3 supplement is now made using only non-hexane extracted ingredients including the algae oil and the sunflower lecithin. PURE ONE's flagship debut features their finished premium bulk formulation of SOURCE OIL™, the only water extracted non-hexane non-solvent processed algae DHA. PURE ONE bulk softgels are available for private labeling. PURE ONE is re-launching in July as an Active PharmaceuticaI Ingredient (API) standardized to deliver at least 300 mg DHA per softgel for targeting clinical nutrition markets worldwide. The product is intended for heart and brain health maintenance and is safe for type 2 diabetics. In 2007 company founder Scott Doughman, PhD, Source-Omega's CEO and Chief Scientific Officer, published a representative fatty acid profile from hexane extracted algae oil (Curr Diabetes Rev. 2007, 3:198-203). For comparison, the company's 2012 SOURCE OIL Certificate of Analysis is available on the Source-Omega website for open review ( ). read more

Source-Omega Gives Omega-3 Guidance in Times of Change September, 2012

Chapel Hill, NC, May 20, 2012 --( )-- Source-Omega today announced their offerings for companies seeking security, freedom and a 5 year supply agreement in algae oil for price and quality improvements in times of change. "Why fear when I am here," Says Dr Scott Doughman, PhD, owner of Source-Omega, a supplier of DHA supplements and volume bulk algae oil in the USA. Source-Omega products include bulk algae oils and manufactured products from Schizochytrium for powdered algae meals, powdered lipid-extracts and algae oils with 20-carbon and 22-carbon chain length omega-3 (n3) and omega-6 (n6) polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), and which are natural components of the algae meals and extracted algae oils, which may be refined and formulated into any natural or processed forms of triglycerides, phospholipids, ethyl-esters, free-fatty-acids, all of which may be specifically incorporated into a dietary supplement or similarly regulated finished supplement regulated under the U.S. Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act ("DSHEA"), as it may be amended from time to time ("Dietary Supplements"), and Medical Food supplements that would qualify under the U.S. Orphan Drug Act of 1988, as it may be amended from time to time ("Medical Foods"), and Prescription Prenatal Vitamin Formulations regulated by the FDA, as it may be amended from time to time ("Prenatal Vitamins"), i.e. food supplements used for human and animal consumption for dietary, medical and/or ..... read more

PURE ONE® DHAlicious™ Puts Innovation First: Launches New Omega-3 Chromista Oil Product September, 2012

Chapel Hill, NC, September 11, 2012 --( )-- Source-Omega announces the launch of PURE ONE® DHAlicious™, a new liquid omega-3 supplement. PURE ONE® DHAlicious™ commercializes SOURCE OIL™ (Chromista oil), the company's water extracted DHA Chromista oil. The new product's ingredient processing does not involve any hexanes or alcohols at any step. PURE ONE DHAlicious omega-3s are blended with only USDA organic ingredients. The company says PURE ONE DHAlicious is not yet certified organic while developments for the same move forward. Chromista is the Kingdom name for Schizochytrium sp algae. Chromista oil is a common scientific name used by Source-Omega to define a category of DHA-rich algae oils. Chromista oils contain mainly DHA with some EPA omega-3 fatty acids. The PURE ONE DHAlicious label says about a half-teaspoon contains 720 mg DHA and 15 mg EPA as daily support for cardiovascular, metabolic and cognitive health. More than just enjoyable, PURE ONE DHAlicious enjoys United States Food and Drug Administration qualified heart health claims for cardiovascular disease risk reduction. It supports the maintenance of normal plasma triglyceride levels. PURE ONE DHAlicious uniquely supports its safe use by Type-2 diabetics regardless of dietary background. Scott Doughman, PhD, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer at Source-Omega said, "We address demands for clean-finishing, guilt-free, planet-friendly omega-3 DHA+EPA products. read more

Source-Omega Advocates Algae Oil for Diabetics in India, China and the USA in New Publication November, 2011

Source-Omega, a finished products manufacturer and educational marketing company, announced today their new peer-reviewed publication titled "A Substitute for Fish Oil: Qualifying Algae Oil Omega-3s as a Medical Food," written by Dr Scott D. Doughman, PhD, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer. Chapel Hill, NC, November 14, 2011 --( )-- The Source-Omega company's invited manuscript was accepted after independent international peer review. It is published as an academic chapter in the book Environmental Pollution: Ecology and Human Health, published by Narosa (India) [ ]. Source-Omega maintains its R&D is always expanding and touts its public health research focus. They are seeking to identify the largest populations with the greatest omega-3 need. Doughman's collaborations with senior medical and scientific experts in India helped define trends in onset correlated with urbanization and modern dietary changes. He pointed out the greatest incidence of type-2-diabetes occurs in India, China and the USA, respectively (1). Their report does not discuss relative rates of onset in these countries other than the fact that world diabetes onset is doubling every 30 years, with 200 million people worldwide diagnosed to have this largely preventable disease. Doughman commented on the quality and safety of algae oil and the global diabetes need. "Based on a full ..... read more

Source-Omega’s Pure One™ Announces Three Year Anniversary to Coincide with Earth Day April, 2011

  Chapel Hill, NC, April 20, 2011 --( )-- Source-Omega's Pure One™ was launched Earth Day April 22nd 2008, three years ago, using Martek's DHA-S™ oil. Developed from microalgae oil, Pure One™ helps the heart using EPA and the brain by boosting DHA intake, users can also lower triglycerides naturally. There has been increased attention in recent years to the health benefits attributed to omega-3 fatty acids. However Source-Omega, LLC, which grew out of the scientific research of Dr. Scott Doughman, a respected lipid biochemist, has been studying the role of Omega-3s in our health since 1997. Pure One™ has a patent pending formulation, without conflicts of interest, based on the published academic work of Dr. Doughman, PhD, 2007, Current Diabetes Reviews. Pure One™ was the first DHA plus EPA algae product to market in the USA in 2008. Doughman is the developer of Pure One™ and President and Chief Scientist of Source-Omega, LLC. "While other companies have recently changed their product formulation to resemble Pure One™, Pure One™ maintains a best-in-class virgin oil status in the U.S. and a clear image of the future in international markets," says Doughman. "That's the Pure One difference, to provide omega-3 innovations, access and solutions to all the world's people through its optimized balance helping both the heart and the brain." About  Source-Omega : Source-Omega, LLC is headquartered in Chapel Hill, North ..... read more

Source-Omega Joins GOED Committee and Features Pure One DHA + EPA Algae Oil February, 2011

source: Chapel Hill, NC, February 02, 2011 --( Source-Omega and its Pure One™ branded products are featured on the website of the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED). The company manufactures and markets Pure One™, the first and only US made Optimized Omega-3 DHA + EPA algae oil supplement formulation sold as a finished product. The Pure One™ omega-3 ratio is based on the science of human omega-3 metabolism. The product range is kosher, vegan, infant formula grade and safe in all people, appropriate for those with type-2 diabetes, fish allergies, dietary restrictions and food sensitivities. Source-Omega uses only gluten-free, soy-free plant-based ingredients, all GMP processed in the USA. The GOED Newsletter announced Source-Omega as the 108th member, with 5 new members listed after the First GOED Exchange in Salt Lake City, January 2011, attended by Source-Omega’s President and Chief Scientist, Dr Scott Doughman, PhD. "Our product offerings are rapidly expanding the branded value of DHA+EPA from algae oil for international products," said Doughman. The importance of DHA and EPA are well established and partly informed by the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA), which suggests “fortified foods and dietary supplements may be useful in providing one or more nutrients that otherwise may be consumed in less than recommend amounts.” Government ..... read more

NC Company Partnering with South Africa Company to Offer Medical Food Product Internationally November, 2010

Source-Omega licenses Solal Technologies of Johannesburg, South Africa, to offer novel Vegetarian Omega-3 (SM) product with DHA and EPA from sustainable algae oil source. NC Company Partnering with South Africa Company to Offer Medical Food Product Internationally Chapel Hill, NC, November 23, 2010 --( Source-Omega, LLC is now offering private labeling of its vegetarian algae oil in international markets. The company has licensed Solal Technologies of Johannesburg, South Africa, to offer Vegetarian Omega-3 (SM). “Solal is an ideal business partner for Source-Omega,” said Dr. Scott Doughman, president and founder of Source-Omega. “Both companies have the same goal, offering a product that fills an important need not met with modern diets and lifestyle.” The oil has been licensed for sale in the South African pharmaceutical market under a “medical food” label licensed to Solal under the Pure One™ brand. “Medical food” is a relatively new category established in the 1988 amendments to the Orphan Drug Act. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires that “medical foods” contain only ingredients classified as Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS). Algae oil omega-3, which is entirely plant-based, meets this standard, however the Pure One™ label in the U.S. and South Africa are designated Dietary Supplements and are not a drug. Solal will offer Vegetarian Omega-3 in pharmacies, ..... read more

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