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Contact Us: Source-Omega offers "Wise Label" for algae oil distribution.

By Gene Wolf,
Operations Insight.
About two years ago Dr. Scott Doughman came into our store and introduced himself, his company Source-Omega (, and his product Pure One. Pure One oil is an Omega 3 product high in DHA derived from algae, even the gel cap is from algae, making this product 100% vegetarian / vegan. Dr. Doughman lives in Chapel Hill and we have always tried to support local products, something that’s sort of hard to do in our industry which is capital equipment intensive. 
            Dr. Doughman did his post doctoral work at UNC at Chapel Hill working on algae based omega 3’s in cancer biology. Like many proven company start-up’s, he’s worked on his brand starting about 3 years ago. He spent considerable time educating Rose and I on the benefits on DHA. Within our little store Pure One has become one of our best sellers; in 2009 we average just over 40 bottles a month! We personally take Pure One; give it to Rose’s parents who live with us, and to our sons. 
            As you know, omega 3 benefits are countless, required for: brain health, heart health, joint health, eye health, colon health, skin health, and vital for pregnancy and nursing mothers. Populations who have diets rich in wild fish / omega 3 have much lower incidences of heart disease, Alzheimer's and autism. Omega 3 deficiency is a factor in diabetes, arthritis, and has been linked to some cancers. Research on DHA is still in its infancy, it could be when the final omega 3 / DHA chapter is written we’ll discover Omega 3 plays a direct or indirect role in virtually every cell function. Dr. Doughman taught us that DHA is the only omega 3 our bodies need, because our bodies can easily take DHA, the longest – most complex form of omega 3, and through a simple enzymatic process readily convert DHA to all other forms of omega 3. It’s a laborious, inefficient process for our bodies to take ALA, the shortest form of omega 3, and create higher forms of omega 3’s. 
            The recent Gulf oil spill heightens the concern around our polluted environment. Because of the trash mankind has dumped into our oceans all the fish oils we take or sell are molecularly distilled, as is all fish based Omega 3’s. Our exploding world population places more demand on wild fish stocks than they are able to naturally sustain. Harvesting fish for oil production adds to this demand. The algae for Pure One is grown in tanks in Kentucky/South Carolina; it was never exposed to manmade pollution, no molecular distillation is required, and Pure One Oil has no impact on wild fish stocks. Pure One is green and sustainable. Most omega 3 fish oils are foreign made, where as Pure One is 100% a US product. Fish don’t create omega 3, like us they need to get it in their diet; that’s why farm raised fish lack omega 3. In the oceans of the world algae capture sunlight and create carbohydrates and long chain fatty acids, aka as omega 3. Krill and shrimp consume the algae; larger and larger fish eat the krill and shrimp; that is how omega 3 gets into the wild fish food chain. Farm raised fish are still a great tasty source of protein; they just lack the essential fatty acids (EFA) / omega 3 that their wild cousins contain. 
            Scott and I have been working together for almost two years. He’s our omega 3 professor and he’s hosted many omega 3 / DHA seminars at our store. Of course influence is a two way street and he’s now a CSP consumer. We’ve put together a ‘package of Pure One & CSP’. In promotion of both products, he takes this package to area nutritionists and fitness directors. He currently exports Pure One to the UK, Australia, India, every continent in the world, with also regular shipments to Sweden. 
            Dr. Doughman has a patent pending omega 3 / DHA therapy: take 4 gel caps a day for three months which will slowly raise your omega 3 serum levels to somewhere between 6 – 8%. Thereafter two gel caps a day is sufficient dosage to maintain this ideal omega 3 level. He guarantees this therapy will reduce your triglycerides; elevated triglycerides are probably more of a factor in heart health than all the ongoing flak made about lowering cholesterol. Consuming 4 gel caps a day across 3 months requires 6 bottles of Pure One. To help people commit to the three month program Dr. Doughman developed a buy 5 get 1 free program. As a store owner it’s a wonderful thing to turn a single bottle sale into a five / six bottle receipt. We’ve found the Pure One consumers have become some of our best loyal customers. 
Scott is impressed with your work as expressed through the product lines you’ve developed, so much so he would consider private labeling Pure One with the wise label. Pure One: the most complete / perfect omega 3 for the vegetarian / vegan or for anyone looking to achieve the most results from omega 3 / DHA supplementation. 
Like our own expert, Dr. Scott Doughman (aka Dr. DHA) could be an educational resource for our family of stores. He has a well developed website, an omega 3 education in itself. I look at my job as helping people find natural solutions for life’s problems; and Pure One is now our essential element in that toolbox. 
I envision with all the product research Scott has already accomplished, this could be a quick new product introduction cycle into the Wise portfolio. This would be a new product for the stores, another revenue stream, and a perfect niche product for the vegetarian / vegan population. Like I said before Pure One has become one of our best sellers. Algae oil omega 3 / DHA under the wise label seems like a great fit to me. 
            The purpose of this letter is to make introductions and open the private label invitation for with Pure One’s oil.  An arranged discussion between you and Dr. Doughman will be fruitful, he’s the real deal. 
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