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Why Dr Oz is Right-On About Omega-3 DHA Supplement Method

Recent blog statements using Dr Oz and other as leverage are misleading that the experts are wrong because Omegavia has the highest ethyl ester synthetic fish oil capsule dose on the market.  What? Their reasoning is fish oil has always been good, so it is the only 'true' way. 

Whatever that thinking means it IS only based on an analysis for fish oil, but you can't compare apples to oranges and complain that oranges are not as good as apples, just because you like apples better.  There is another scientifically validated method, irrespective of opinion.  You can choose your opinions, but you can't choose your facts. Retroconvertion is actually easier for dosing than high EPA.  Tell me where the EPA goes if you can, Omegavia.  It goes to DHA to get activated in the body, and then the body has to turn it back in to EPA later when it needs it.

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