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A Smarter Omega-3 for Kids and Adults

It's a Better Omega-3 for Kids and Adults Because It's From the Source, has a Balanced Ratio of Omega-3s and is Grown in Quality Controlled Tanks - Grown Organically Pure for a Golden Microalgae Oil Omega-3 Extract.   

by Scott Doughman, Ph.D.

1) You should learn that increasing the omega-3 DHA levels in the body involves storing omega-3s in the tissues as building blocks and that this accumulation is crucial to maintaining lifelong health. 

2) In all its brilliance, you should learn about how the GOLDEN OMEGA-3 called DHA, docosahexaenoic acid, can unlock mechanisms that help the body heal itself. 

3) You should learned about how Golden Microalgae Oil is an improved oil source so you don't have to take fish oil any more. 

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